July 5, 2020

The Bridge, Boss, the Bridge!

Reconstruction is under way! 

Here is Joseph again, explaining what’s going on:

“Today this afternoon we are here at the Busingo Mughanza footbridge.  We are making some repairs and putting some logs to make it flat.  People you see here they are the crews and community members who are ready to use the footbridge once it’s complete.  Now the shape of it is coming on.  We thank the GoFundMe campaign, from Canada, and the well-wishers who contributed towards this bridge.  We are very happy and the community members are very, very happy for the work done today this evening.  We thank you for the efforts you put on for the contributions that you provided through the GoFundMe campaign.  We are now putting on the supporters and guards (handrails) so that people when they cross, they cross properly, and the community members are very happy because this bridge has been here for many years without having these timbers on top of it, and the people, they were just dreaming where they may get funding to have the timbers on top of this footbridge.”

So there you have it.  The footbridge is in use today, and the amount of traffic crossing it is returning to normal.  No, correct that… traffic is greatly increased because now EVERYONE wants to cross it, eager to try it out. 

Next week will mark the end of this fundraising effort, and I will post an accounting of how much money has been raised and how it was spent.  I hope you will be impressed by how much good you have accomplished. 

There is still so much more to be done, of course, but patience is a quality that my friends in Kyarumba have in abundance.   

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