July 12, 2020

Here’s where we stand:

  • Total funds raised through GoFundMe campaign:  $2,700
  • Total funds received directly from other sources:  $3,110
  • Total transmitted to Joseph:                                       $5,810

With those funds, Joseph was able to achieve the following:

  • Completed roofing the Multi-purpose Hall at Musasa Primary School, which is being used as a temporary shelter for those affected by the flooding;
  • Purchased and distributed food – soap, sugar, posho (cornmeal), and beans – and non-food items – basins, saucepans, soap – to 88 people considered particularly vulnerable: disabled, elderly, widows;
  • Purchased and distributed cassava flour to 259 displaced people at the Musasa Primary School camp;
  • Purchased and distributed hoes and hoe handles to 436 farmers;
  • Provided cement for repairs to four homeowners;
  • Provided ironsheets (corrugated tin roofing material) for repairs to 6 homeowners;
  • And last, but by no means least, the Busingo-Mughanza footbridge was vastly improved and traffic is proceeding normally. 

Life is beginning to return to normal for many people there, but I want to emphasize that there is still much work to be done.  The Bughungu Primary School in particular may have to be completely rebuilt on the other side of the river; at some point the School Management Committee and the Parent-Teacher Association will meet to make that decision. 

My association with Musasa Primary School and its principle movers Joseph and Teddy is a much-treasured long-term partnership.  I will be closing this GoFundMe campaign this week, but if you are motivated to stay in touch and continue to be a part of this effort going forward, please check my website https://onepointartworks.com, or email me at karen@onepointartworks.com for how you can become a Friend of Musasa (perhaps we will be able to change that to “Friend of Musasa-Bughungu”).

Thank you all for your contributions to this campaign.  You have accomplished a great deal, and now you have the lifelong gratitude of these fine folks, and a personal link to a beautiful little area of the world that you probably didn’t know existed two months ago!  Imagine that!

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