There’s a simple explanation, really…

Musasa Primary School enrolls about 700 children in grades 1 through 7, and most of them transfer to another school for 8th grade and beyond.  But, let’s face it, the harsh reality is that not all of these 700 children will have the opportunity to go on to higher education, and they need to develop skills and knowledge so that they will be able to support themselves and their families. Along with their studies, the children learn practical skills such as brick-making, orchard management, weaving, and other vocational skills.   Now Headmistress Teddy has a new idea.  She wants them to learn how to raise and market pigs! 

This young beauty was just purchased last week.  She has, as they tell me, “met the Mister”, so she will produce a litter of piglets in a few months.  The trip to her new home went smoothly, but I have not had an update on what condition the trunk was in at the end of it all.  Better not to ask.

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