GoFundMe Update #5

Joseph has provided me with these details as to the people who have been affected, and how best to allocate the funds. It is ambitious, but one can hope:

There are 87 families currently sheltering at Musasa Primary School. Their homes are in the direction of the flood and they fear that, if it floods during the night, lives will be lost. Most of these families have young children, so they shall need mosquito nets, jerricans, food, and soap, etc.

Other people affected are those who have food crops along the river. When it flooded all crops washed away (beans, sweet potatoes, matoke, cassava, fruit trees, groundnuts, etc.). They are staying in their homes, some on high ground, but will need to replant their crops. They can be provided with hoes, pangas, posho, jerricans, etc.

In Kyarumba center, about 15 houses were affected. Seven were totally taken away. Several others had their foundations broken, leaving them hanging. We can support them with 5 ironsheets to those that lost houses, and remaining can get 3 bags of cement each.

GoFundMe Update #4

In today’s news: On Friday, I transferred $1500 to Joseph in Kyarumba. The money will be used immediately to help feed the people who are sheltering at Musasa Primary School, and then allocated where possible. In this photo, Joseph is speaking to the group to raise awareness about disease prevention: malaria, dengue… a reminder about the need for mosquito nets. In the next update I will provide more detail about the people in this particular group, and the priorities for how the funds will be spent.

A Bridge to Kyarumba

Flooding of the River Nyamugasana through Kyarumba, Uganda on May 7

has taken out homes, business, and crops. Fortunately, no lives were lost. Musasa Primary School is on some of the highest ground, so it’s safe and being used as a shelter for displaced people. If you would like to assist the rebuilding efforts in Kyarumba, we would be immensely grateful for cash in any amount, and well-wishers of every stripe.

GoFundMe Update #3

Kyarumba is a very large coffee-growing area. The growers are members of Bukonzo Joint Union Co-op, which markets their coffee beans around the world. As it happens, most of the growers are women who depend on this livelihood to support their families. Cleanup may take a while here. And many will have to replant.

Update to the Update: Since the above was posted, one of their buyers, Salt Spring Coffee in British Columbia, has made a significant donation directly to Bukonzo Joint and will also organize a fundraising campaign with their customer base.